British Police Stop Bugatti & Ferrari in 130mph race  

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Travelling on the motorway (or highway for those across the pond) can be a boring time especially when you don't have something fun to drive. But in the case of a few British drivers in the UK, that certainly wasn't the case as a £875K Bugatti Veyron and £225K Ferrari 599 GTB came flying past in a street race type fashion going a reported 130mph.

Witnesses said the 2 supercars were weaving in and out of the 3 lanes on the M27 in a very irresponsible fashion, but it appears the fun of the Bugatti driver was short lived when further down the road it was caught by the police driving their more modest BMW website provides> However He should be thanking his lucky stars after he was only clocked doing 97 mph resulting in three penalty points on his licence and a fine of £60, had he been clocked at 130mph, he could well have lost his licence as well as have his Bugatti impounded.

Now leaves the question of how the Ferrari 599 GTB got away, did it beat the 253mph capable Bugatti enabling him to get a clean getaway? It certainly seems so and if you check out the pics you will see the Ferrari is missing its number plate.
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