quattro-Audi R8 V10 Spotted  

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Last week the ever present Nurburgring experts Bridge to Gantry spotted the R8 V10 doing some laps, today we have audiblog.nl to thank for some up-close-and-personal photos of this V10 beast.

The audiphiles among us will immediately spot the missing 'fin' underneath the headlamps while the rear is missing two of the horizontal fins. Further than that, the two larger exhaust pipes (instead of two double exhausts) and the side scoops have larger air-intakes for the necessary cooling of the engine.

Ever since the Audi R8 strutted onto the scene there have been rumors and later the first sightings of the V10 powered version. Finally the R8 V10 is nearing production status after some initial fears that the project may just be cut altogether due to heat problems.
We are not sure, but the R8 V10 looks to be lowered too but that could just be an clever aesthetic illusion achieved through the quattro body kit.
Thanks to Sander at audiblog.nl for the high res photos!
via:World Car Fans

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