2009 Nissan 370 Z 'Need for Speed Undercover' Video  

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We can't remember the last time, if ever, a video game made us really want to check out a car, but we have to see the new Nissan 370Z now. In the Need for Speed: Undercover teaser video it looked neat, but in the official shots a few days later the car looked like it was suffering from bloating and cramps. For some reason, however, the Z in motion -- and with, of course, perfect lighting -- does it for us. The perhaps overly teased front and rear lights make a certain sense now, but the truncated rear end still gives us pause. We're not yet settled on how we feel about it, but we can't wait to see it in person. Check it out video of the 370Z in Need for Speed: Undercover for yourself after the jump, and stay tuned for live coverage from the LA Auto Show.
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