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Some might call Lake Constance-based Kicherer’s obsession with making Mercedes-Benz products go faster an unhealthy one. Of course, those people clearly fail to appreciate the pleasure that 900Nm of torque at one’s command can bring. Kicherer’s latest is the CL 60 Coupe, based on the Mercedes CL600 luxury coupe.

The twin-turbo V12 CL600 sits pretty at the top of the Mercedes two-door lineup, and Kicherer’s wizards have left the basic package alone. Under the skin, however, things are a bit more exciting. The V12’s power has been boosted from 517 to 570, with a corresponding increase in torque to 900Nm. A modified transmission control module and locking rear differential ensure that the additional power gets to the road in a relatively dignified fashion, and the chassis has been lowered by 25mm. The CL 60 Coupe also features unique 20-inch Kicherer RS-1 wheels. A body kit and carbon trim set the CL 60 apart from stock CL600s nicely.

More information can be found at Kicherer’s website, at

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