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Citroen’s first dabble into the world of online racing has been pretty successful. Except that is for the small matter of the fact that you’ll end up driving the car on your TV from nothing more sporty than your armchair.

Help is at hand however, from what might just be the ultimate big boys club.

I-WAY is situated in Lyon, France, and much like many a posh gym it offers an extravagant place to work out, spa and restaurant.

What makes it different is that it also offers the most comprehensive motor sport simulators outside of an F1 team.

Choose from a single seater, rally or endurance car, and enjoy piloting your virtual racecar while being thrown about courtesy of some feisty looking hydraulic rams. And yes, competition overalls and helmets are obligatory.

If you’re in the hood, prices start at €60 for the endurance car, rising to €75 for the rally car and €90 for the F1 racer. Or why not try them all for €200? Sign me up.
Source: Imotormag

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