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How would you like to have a mid-sized sedan or station wagon that gets over 57 mpg (U.S.)? That's exactly what Volkswagen has unveiled in Paris as the Passat BlueMotion II. It's being shown as a further evolution of the latest Passat BlueMotion, part of VW's lineup of cars optimized for low CO2 emissions. With a common rail diesel engine that uses SCR after-treatment to the meet the 2013 EURO VI emissions standard, the CO2 emissions are rated at only 109 g/km. In addition to the clean diesel engine, the Passat gets aerodynamic tweaks, longer gear ratios and an automatic start stop system. So far, there is no word on when the BlueMotion II will hit production, but for a car as big as the Passat to get that kind of mileage is phenomenal.

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