Car News: Carbon Fiber Children’s Car Seat Prototype By Rory Craig  

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The entire body is carbon fiber that was done with a wet layup over a cnc’d foam core. The seat is not only extremely lightweight strong, but suits the needs of all three stages a child goes through when using a carseat. The first is a rear facing infant seat, the second and upright forward facing toddler seat, and third a youth booster seat. This carseat achieves this by having a central pivot that is not only adjustable but also removable to allow for these three different configurations. By combining all these stages it allows the buyer to not have to purchase three different carseats throughout the childs carseat years. Note that this design is purely conceptual and does not fully function.

The project was done for a fourth term product design class where the assignment was to design a softgood product (Rory based this on the interior). Here’s some info from Rory regarding the development and cost:

All straps are All straps are Sparco race harnesses and all plastic insert and parts were made using rapid prototyping machines. Interior is fully padded and snaps out of carbon shell for washing. The many holes down the back of the seat allow for harness adjustment as the child grows. more detail. ...

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