Car News: Nissan GT-R Le Mans Edition: Limited Production Model with 600HP!  

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Forget about the forthcoming Nissan GT-R V-Spec; if you're searching for the most extreme version of the 'Godzilla' look no further than to the Le Mans Edition that marks its return on the GT-R R35. Japan's Best Car magazine has learned from inside sources that along with the development of a Le Mans competition car, Nissan is also working on a street-legal version of the GT-R which will be named LM Edition and will be built in an extremely limited number of units.

Nissan GT-R Le Mans Edition
Even though official information is still scarce, sources state that the GT-R LM Edition will be powered by a modified version of the standard car's 480HP 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine producing a whopping 600HP. If the base-model is considered to be one of the fastest cars around, we can only imagine what the LM Edition will be like.

Nissan GT-R Le Mans Edition
Nissan GT-R Le Mans EditionThis won't be the first time that the GT-R will gain an LM edition as in the late-1990's Nissan had marketed a limited production Skyline GT-R R33 referred to as "LM Limited" which was only available in a Competition Blue finish. The vehicle was built to honor the Skyline's that took part in the 24-hours of Le Mans.

Nissan GT-R Le Mans Edition
Understandably, the GT-R LM Edition will feature an array of upgrades including larger brakes, lighter alloy wheels, suspension and transmission tweaks as well as aerodynamic improvements through the use of a new bodykit.
Source: Carscoop

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