Dream cars for one day: Audi R8 than Cars  

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If you drive an Audi R8 would like to have two options: you transfer € 107,400 Audi and waiting over a year to its mid-engine dream or you are worried kilo of fiberglass and builds a R8 on its own after. Both of whom appear less attractive solutions, remains a third option: rent!

The amerkanische DFW Elite Car Rental Car Rental offers its clients from now on the Audi R8. For 1,080 U.S. dollars a day, you can hit the red signal in front of the garage to make the neighbors jealous to make. Or you can test the 420PS of the V8 on American highways from.

Those who do not necessarily cross the Atlantic wants to one day behind the wheel of his dream car to spend, can also be applied to domestic car rentals such as Sixt Luxury Cars fall back. At the Munich to get the R8 for 1,350 € per day, but you must be over 30 and at least two credit cards as a security deposit for the car to be able to enjoy luxury.

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