Essen 2008: Marangoni M430-based Alfa Romeo Mi.To  

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Marangoni present the M430, staff (very personal ...) interpretation of Alfa Romeo Mi.To, the next exhibition in Essen, Germany exhibition dedicated to the lovers of extravagance on four wheels. We started from the end: it is easier.

Well, now we talk touches the car, but before the last diversion: the propeller. Powered than 65 horses, the 1.4 T-Jet reaches 220 total, while ensuring a powerful delivery from the low revs.

And now the bodywork, radical and extreme as few other cars of the same segment: aesthetic merits of the package, which lowers the car by more than 4 cm, the various air inlets with cuts and Taglietti, dell'estrattore, the system of openness the goalkeeper. Each element, in practice, and accessories - red rubber eighteen inches, Swarovski stones inside - does not help to make it more sober. More Photos

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