New Lotus Sport 2-Eleven GT4 Race Car  

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The Lotus Sport GT4 Supersport pushes the limits to the extreme: wearing a dramatic composite body, full rollcage and with increased power and a sequential gearbox it provides a race winning package. The GT4 Supersport offers an advanced aerodynamic package, with aggressive styling alluding to its searing performance and phenomenal racing potential.

Mike Kimberley, CEO of Group Lotus plc said, "Lotus has an enviable motor racing heritage that includes some of the most successful racing cars in history. We are confident that the 2-Eleven will continue our winning tradition and become a classic of the future. The 2-Eleven GT4 Supersport offers one of the most cost effective, competitive and easiest routes into this level of motorsport".

Lotus Sport has increased the power and torque available in the GT4 Supersport car to 267bhp and 182lb-ft from the standard supercharged cars 252bhp and 178lb-ft engine. The increases in power and torque have been gained through improved induction and exhaust systems, and with a high ratio supercharger drive system for increased levels of boost. To maximise the upgrades to the engine the engine management system has been remapped and optimised.

Lotus Sport is offering a 6 speed sequential gearbox with a centrally mounted push/ pull lever and gear selector display. The gearbox is integrated with the engine management system to allow flat shifts up through the box and an “autoblip” rev matching system on downchange. This transmission offers lightning quick gear changes, shaving those all important tenths off each gear change. A plate type limited slip differential, employed to improve traction out of corners competes the setup.
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