SEMA 2008; Toyota RAV4 V6 Performance Sport Concept Premieres  

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Toyota RAV4 V6 Sport Performance Concept SEMA 2008
If the sole purposing of creating this concept was to hide the fact that it's a Toyota RAV4, then admittedly MV Designz did an excellent job. The RAV4 V6 Performance Sport Concept gets a custom-made wide bodykit accented by 22-inch Alloy Wheels, a hood scoop, a panoramic glass roof, billet door handles and, new front and rear faceless fascias.

Toyota RAV4 V6 Sport Performance Concept SEMA 2008
According to Toyota, interior modifications to the RAV4-based concept are limited to a new upholstery by Reyes. Maybe it's a matter of personal taste, but we get the feeling that if MV Designz hadn't "surgicaly" replaced the RAV4's face with a Pontiac-like mask, we might have actually liked the outcome.

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