This Pontiac Trans-Am in 1987 driving 407,134 km / h!  

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Say hello to KITT's evil twin! Because this Pontiac Trans-Am in 1987 is officially the fastest road legal car in europe. Certainly the record because of the Veyron is not official (apparently). The Trans-Am is under substantially rebuilt by the Norwegian Polly Motorsport and now has no fewer than 1407 hp (8.9-liter V8)! And 0-100? In just 2.23 seconds!

And the Norwegians have recently traveled to the German Papenburg to make the same top speed test. The present coincidence AMG engineers did it in their pants from laughing when they stick to old Trans-Am saw coming. But when gas was once the laughing ended their very fast!

What performance?

0-100 km / h: 2.23 sec
0-200 km / h: 5.55 sec
0-300 km / h: 12.22 sec
0-201m: 5.91 sec - 205 km / h
0-402m: 9.19 sec-202 km / h
60 ft: 1.45 sec

PS: In potentially the Trans-Am even a top speed of 435 km / h should be able to retrieve. But the test was unfortunately too short. But in 2009, they go to America to record more explicit!

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