KTM concepts could point the way forward for Austrian brand  

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KTM, the Austrian purveyor of both two- and four-wheeled motoring lust, has made it clear that it's a force to be reckoned with as it branches out into other enthusiast markets with such ridiculously awesome products as the X-Bow roadster and its RC8 superbike.

Two things that remain a constant feature through all of the firm's recent products are the orange, black and white color pallette and its angular design language. These features, along with KTM's race-ready heritage, makes conceptual vehicle design for the company extremely interesting and proof comes in the form of six concepts designed by industrial design students at FH JOANNEUM University.

This is an instance where pictures speak louder than words, but we've copied the designer's stated vision for each machine with captions in our gallery below. Each of these concepts was designed in conjunction with KTM, so they may offer an early glimpse into what's coming from the company. In a word: awesome. We'll take one of each. Thanks for the tip, Marc!

* KTM AX - A radical off-road four-wheel vehicle concept
* KTM sr 85 Deuce - An environmentally-friendly lightweight vehicle
* KTM CX - A racing vehicle that brings motocross to the water
* KTM 360° - A super-light, silent electric bike
* KTM Ascender Flight Vehicle - A gas turbine-propelled flying vehicle
* KTM Barracuda - A hydrofoil boat
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