Marcello Felipe_ 2009 Renault New Alpine Concept Design  

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Brazilian design student Marcello Felipe Maggioni brings us this rendering of a Renault sports car. The design pays homage to the 1987 Renault Alpine GTA V6 Turbo, a car that in turn had inspired Marcello himself to be a car designer.

The four front headlights are highlighted by the use of two LED light strips above each pair on either side. Rear lights also feature LED technology but with an added 3D effect. The engine is a Renault F1 powerplant modified for road usage. It's there for all to see under a large glass cover just behind the two seats.

Marcello is studying a course called Design of Mobility - Transportation Design, at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado in São Paulo, Brazil. Perhaps the day when Renault builds its awaited Alpine sports car, a design similar to his one will emerge.

Several characteristics were taken from the original Alpine GTA in order that a sort of lineage was maintained such that if a modern version of the car were built its history and heritage would be obvious to the eye. A few of these exterior design characteristics include large headlights that droop very low on the front grille. The flowing swoosh behind the C pillar has been retained but changed to suit a more futuristic look. It also serves the purpose of being an air inlet for the engine.

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