SEAT unveils new Twin Drive Leon prototype hybrid  

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The SEAT Leon Ecomotive was a Leon that had been picked over and removed of many inefficiencies in order to deliver a frugal 3.7 liters/100 kilometers (63 miles-per-gallon) as well as lower CO2 emissions. The SEAT Twin Drive Leon Prototype takes that idea a giant leap further by making the car a plug-in hybrid, adding a 35kW electric engine to the car that handles all of the motivation on the urban cycle.

Almost all of the car's running gear was massaged in the drive to become a hybrid. A lithium-ion battery pack powers the electric motor, and it is said to propel the car to a range of 50 km and a maximum speed of 100 km (62 miles-per-hour). For the moment, the 1.9-liter TDI engine remains to handle extra-urban duties. However, SEAT is looking at completely phasing out the internal combustion engine on future Ecomotive models.

Spain's Minister of Industry wants one million hybrids on Spanish roads by 2014, which is when the Twin Drive could make its appearance in showrooms.
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