Tokyo Motor Show: Mazda RE-Amemiya Genki 7  

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RE-Amemiya is a well-known name in Mazda circuits. The company was founded in 1974 by Isami Amemiya and has since been almost exclusively with the tune of rotary engines involved. The knowledge that we now have five years to build has been applied to this concept, the Genki 7.

Although you would expect that a new concept car is a new (read: RX-8) is nothing less true. The ideal base for a high-performance concept of an RX-7 seems to be. Although the RX-8 certainly more practical in terms of looks and not lagging behind, the RX-7 has always been a sports car. The model was simply positioned higher and more speed made. Perhaps the explanation for the conversion choice.

Unfortunately, there are no specifications known. May notify the site of RE-Amemiya more news about the Genki-7, tucked away somewhere deep behind all strange links. My Japanese is not very flexible at the moment. It is expected that the line of the Genki-7 within a short number of records to his name it.

A nice detail is that Amemiya on most project cars' headlights of other brands assembled. A good example is the video to see. In the video, the lights on a Porsche clearly off, the headlights on the Genki are more difficult to place. Find a picture where these lights on the original model / brand are mounted and receive a bit timeless autoblog-fame!

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