Brabus S V12 S Biturbo: 700 hp and 1320 Nm!  

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Brabus has something fun for us, the next car show in Geneva, the Germans this G-class Brabus S V12 S engine present. The result is 700 horsepower and a maximum torque of 1320 Nm (973 lb-ft), the latter is limited electronically to 1,100 Nm (811 lb-ft). But what can you do with that, so I hear you ask. Well, you might create a traffic sprintje you in 4.3 seconds in the 100's. You can, however, with 240 km / h on the counter a piece of autobahn, without limitation may be even up to 260 km / h (163 mph).

On the outside we see a lot of chrome and LED Jes, plus the various aerodynamic-enhancement components. On the inside there are plenty of entertainment options such as a DVD changer, a DVBT TV tuner, a game console and 8-inch LCD screens in the back of the head.

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