Citroen Going Upscale - Rebirth of Classic Citroen DS line  

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Citroen will introduce the scheme on 4 February to celebrate the brand's 90th birthday. Citroen needs a jolt after suffering a sales decline of 7.2 per-cent last year. They sold 1.35 million units in 2008.

Citroen will unveil a plan to rebrand themselves as the next-best thing to being a premium brand. The plan includes bringing back the DS line, an update to the logo, and a new marketing scheme.

The company has been planning a reintroduction of the DS line since mid-2007. The DS was Citroen's flagship line from the 1950s through the 70s, and will now represent upper-tier vehicles. First up will be the Citroen DS3, set for delivery at the end of the year. “We will offer products within the Citroen brand that have added value and carry elements of the premium sector,” said styling director Jean-Pierre Ploue.

Also being freshened up is the chevron logo, which has not seen a change since 1985. A new marketing slogan, possibly "three years to impress the world," and global web site are also on the way. The plan was formed by an exec who is no longer with the company. His goal was to improve the company's image while reducing its focus on small cars.

A five-year schedule is also in place to overhaul the 3,300 dealership network. The look of the showrooms, stronger customer relations, and better maintenance and repairs are parts of the plan.
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