Geneva Motor Show: 2009 Alfa Romeo 159 Model Preview pictures  

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In confirmation of our advances than a month ago, will show you preview the official photos of Alfa Romeo 159 Model Year 2009 that will probably be presented in Geneva. The photos have been uploaded to the website Print Fiat last Monday, but the house has not yet sent any release to the media: these pictures were in fact find some fans of the French group Fiat.

The most important pattern is likely the new 1.8 turbo direct injection 200 hp, which is behind the new symbol TBI.

The unit will be combined with front-wheel drive with electronic differential self Q2 and a manual six-speed gearbox or alternatively an automatic six-speed transmission ever. All official information is expected shortly.
Source: autoblog

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    Alfa Romeo 159 1.8 MPI is my favorite car. It is combination of three- beauty, performance and economy. The design and features are really good. The MPI engine is the best feature. The rear legroom and headroom has improved a lot compared to 156 model. The interiors are good. Overall the performance is very satisfying.