Hyundai Super Bowl Commercials Debut Early!  

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Being the experts on Super Bowl car commercials, we can do things like bring you the ads before they even air as part of our Super Bowl Ad Watch. Below we have the five advertisements Hyundai will show during and before the big game. Three of the ads will run during pre-show, also sponsored by Hyundai, and "Bosses" and "Contract" will run during the second and third quarters. Our perspective on these new advertisements below.

Title: Contract
Grade: C
Message: Hyundai has your back if you lose your job or income.
Our Take: For people who are freaked out about the economy the message may hit home, but it's just so boring.

Title: Commitment
Grade: C+
Message: If you're willing to commit to Hyundai, they're willing to commit to you.
Our Take: The 'commitment isn't scary' approach of this commercial for the Hyundai Assurance program works better than the "Contract" commercial because it implies we're all in the economic mess together. Still, it's rather boring.

Title: Columns
Grade: B
Message: The Hyundai Genesis won the 2009 North American Car Of The Year, something the automaker is obviously proud of as evidenced by the bragging.
Our Take: The commercial is good and, given Hyundai can afford multiple Super Bowl spots, there's nothing wrong with a little boastfullness. What really sells it, though, is the clip of the Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

Grade: B+
Message: By winning the 2009 North American Car Of The Year award we've put BMW and Lexus on notice.
Our Take: Because everyone may not be cool with the idea of buying Korean while the American economy is hurting, Hyundai is smart enough to take aim at the Germans and the Japanese. The portrayals of the two "axis powers" is a bit over the top, but it makes the ad work.

Title: Epic Lap
Grade: A-
Message: You want the Genesis Coupe so badly you'll go to and re-edit your own commercial, which isn't up yet.
Our Take: Yeooooowww! Much like the 2010 Hyundai Genesis reveal, this car is all about power slides and burnouts. What does Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins have to do with driving an epic lap? We have no idea. But we give the 1990s alternarock icon credit for mixing together a sweet commercial.
Source: jalopnik

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