New rules do not halt F1 innovation  

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F1's new bodywork rules may have brought an end to a lot of the cars' overt aerodynamic detail, but it has not halted the innovation of the teams

At the winter test tracks so far, plenty of clever features are on display, including Williams and Toyota's controversial rear diffuser designs

Sam Michael, Williams, technical director, said on Thursday he expects "50 per cent of the grid" to have honed-in on the idea by the time late March and the Australian grand prix roll around

Also spotted recently is a new design of carbon-fibre front wheel covers on the 2009 McLaren

Described as a sort of "snorkel" by the German publication Auto Motor und Sport, the innovation is expected to be fitted to the MP4-24 in Australia

Meanwhile, on Williams' 2009-spec FW31 at the Grove factory on Thursday, reporters could not miss the addition of new fins on the cockpit

"They're called 'skate fins' because they're similar to what you see on a surfboard," Australian Michael said
Source: GMM

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