Rendered : BMW M7  

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Now they are at BMW Motorsport Gmbh of their faith have been attacked and the X5M and X6M release, the final step, they can also do. Audi and Mercedes have been "sporting" topversies, but in Munich remained silent. 2Pac does establish a boost with this shop.

Carcrazy was also once an impression, but that of 2Pac, I find something nicer. That would also by the moody black color to come.

In terms of a BMW engine can make some suggestions. The M7, the fastest BMW, so there should be plenty of horsepower available. In the X5M and X6M A raised to 550 hp twin turbo V8 block, a variant of the V8 in the 750Li. But that is perhaps still not enough, but other options in the BMW stable, there are not. Although there ever rumors about a twin turbo variant of the V10 from the M5 and M6.

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  • 8/2/11 08:20  

    Hi there
    Does other people love BMW's as much as me?
    This past May, I bought a pre-owned BMW Z3 roadster, and totally love it. BMW is actually one of the best manufacturer cars you can purchase. I am going to always buy BMW's from now on, but I must still say I really like the old design a lot better than the newer models. The old versions (really anything from 03,04 in some models back) look real german. The newer versions look a lot more like japanese makes, but nevertheless, they are simply remarkable.
    Thanks a lot