Tuner Tuesdays: Carlsson takes on the Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG  

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When our man Jonathon Ramsey sampled the Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG last year, he found it to be "just right." So we have to cringe a little when a tuning company getting their hands on one. Why alter a car that needs nothing? To Carlsson's credit, it's hard to argue against more horsepower (600), more torque (520 lb-ft), a higher top speed (202 mph), and larger carbon composite brakes.

Other modifications, like the new grill with the prancing Carlsson horse and the butterfly doors are more likely to draw criticism. The same goes for the paint, which Carlsson calls Stealth Titanium Graphite and claims is the "most matte" color ever produced.

If all of that sounds like your cup of tea, Carlsson is offering complete cars for a mere 272,500 Euros, or about $355,000 for us Statesiders.
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