Corvette GT1 Commemorative Edition Unveiled Ahead Of Sebring  

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GM's releasing the Jake-festooned GT1 Commemorative Edition Corvette because, well, because the world needs more value-added special editions. A closer look at Chevy's painted-up version of a Z06 celebrating C6.R racing domination.

GM does have a lot to celebrate in its class-dominating race program and the C6 is a pretty fabulous car despite what Corvette detractors might say. The Z06? Even more so. But painting one up in black and yellow and calling it a special edition still feels a might bit silly even with what the Corvette team views as added value componentry. But, since inception Corvette has utterly dominated it's GTS class (due in part to class emptiness) and this edition is designed to pay homage to those rip-snorting race cars.
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