Video: Fiat Multiair Technology Announced - More Power, Less Fuel, Less Emissions  

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With more stringent emission standards on the horizon, consumers are demanding more fuel-efficient models, Fiat introduced their new engine MultiAir. The company believes that the new power system is the most great advances in the design of gasoline engines, in recent years in the MultiAir to provide more power, reducing fuel consumption, reduced exhaust emissions compared to traditional gasoline engines.

In view of the company's history on the use of technological breakthroughs in order to improve performance and efficiency of diesel engines, the Fiat car company takes a similar approach in developing the new engine MultiAir. At about 10% of the traditional engines are a waste of energy input process, is responsible for pumping air from the intake of low atmospheric pressure discharge pressure. Fiat first started looking for the possibility of reducing the waste of energy early in the 20th century, 80's, but have only recently been able to develop a new system, the air is responsible for direct measurement of water in the cylinder, while maintaining constant pressure on the natural upstream .

The new system is extremely technical, but in essence it by a series of solenoid valve is opened or closed camshaft rotation. When the solenoid valve is activated, there are several different situations happen in order to optimize the use of electricity and fuel. (A comprehensive overview of how the system can work at Press Release)

Among the many benefits of the new engine MultiAir are up to 10% growth in power-oriented appreciation of mechanical performance camshaft profile, the revised intake valve to shut down the system, improve low-rpm torque as high as 15%, lower by 10% at fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, because the elimination of pumping losses. More importantly, the fact that MultiAir new engine can achieve up to 25% of the overall increase in fuel economy compared to conventional naturally aspirated engine the same level of performance.

In the future, can see the introduction of technology MultiAir Fiat's diesel engines, because it is committed to providing up to 60% of the nitrogen oxide emissions decreased by 40%, reduce carbon dioxide emissions at cold start and engine warm-up.
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