Final Design and Details for Melkus RS2000  

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New RS 2000 will have an extremely aerodynamic body which draws inspiration from the classic Melkus RS 1000 which went out of production in 1979. Like the 1000, the new RS 2000 features gullwing doors which have been specially engineered to swing out only a few centimeters to enable entry and exit in tight spaces. In the quest to reduce drag and improve downforce, Melkus outfitted the sports car with a completely closed underbody, a large front lip spoiler, and a rear diffuser.

Designed by Lutz Fügener and Jens Timmich, the new model follows the lightweight philosophy pioneered by company founder Heinz Melkus. To keep weight down the RS 2000 rides on an aluminum chassis which is wrapped in a body constructed from carbon fiber, the end result means that the sports car weighs less than 1,000 pounds (454 kg).

While the company failed to provide information regarding the car's powertrain, they did state that additional details would be released this summer.

Melkus has released several new pictures of their upcoming RS 2000 sports car that will go on sale in November with annual production limited to 25 units.
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