Frankfurt Motor Show: VW Golf GTI-R  

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Volkswagen is secretly prepare a more difficult, faster Golf GTI introduced in the fall of 2009. Cars VW Golf GTI - R, the incubation temperature will follow the classic formula of performance more power and lighter switch Golf GTI (Mk6) by the smooth and wise Express hatchback to a proper pocket rocket again.

U.S. sources indicate that the R version in Germany will not use the outgoing R32's V6 engine, the use of lighter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine some 266bhp. It sounds suspiciously like our Audi S3 engine, same one for the upcoming Scirocco R20T.
VW Golf GTI - R's: the story of high-tech

Itsn't just 60bhp to rely on the public to promote the upcoming regular VW Golf GTI. We heard it will use four-wheel drive to tame the thrust, rather than to deceive the front-end employed by Fox diffs Xinmei RS and Renault Megane 250.

And put forward the extra weight, Golf GTI - R will obviously accept the program lose weight. We want less than the premium comfort of the R32-oriented - so few items, and even alleviate some structural. We are not clear at this stage if special materials will be used.
Therefore, when I can buy a new Golf GTI - R's?

U.S. information points, the first time at Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2009, pointing to the introduction of the winter 2009-2010 Hall.
Source: carmagazine

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