Geneva Motor Show: Sportec SPR1 M Revealed  

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Sportec Geneva has been a monster track to a space surrounded by the exchange of Schnitzer and Mitsubishi side of the other. The Sportec SPR1 M is now an exhibition in Switzerland shows that it is looking for mild threat. Only a few details, such as excellent tail and large-scale implied by the extent of the wheel than normal. Kind of looking forward to mask the cars, may also be able to shoot from 0 - 100 kmh less than three seconds.

Porsche 911 Turbo in the form of basic, SPR1 M, so that people can say that the foundation is already very solid start. Sportec not satisfied, however, and started from scratch and most of the reconstruction of motor vehicle use of carbon fiber. As a result, the vehicle weight up to the file after the tag, the price will be printed.

T80 M engine at the position of the vehicle, its power 858hp (631kW) and maximum torque of 880Nm. Although the preparation of their performance Sportec figure, we can speculate that the SPR1 M will be 3 seconds, because its standard SPR1 compatriots not powerful 800hp and car is not 0 - 100 kmh in 3 seconds.

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