New Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG  

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In the current sport auto issue (04/09) you will have the opportunity to present their favorites among the fastest and sportiest cars of 2009 to determine. And no matter what choice you are taken with a little luck to win a Mercedes E 63 AMG - the main prize in this sport auto readers choice.

This car may be winners of the public in all its visual appeal is still not shown, but now may be supposed that he in the league of powerful sports saloons probably will set new standards. This requires after sport auto-diction know more than a 525 hp 6.3-liter eight-cylinder.

260 vehicles in 16 series and ten Tuning Categories

Just as now, the new Mercedes E 63 AMG Sedan traditionally competitive class than 80,000 euros enriched in this election year in the other classes most interesting novelties at the start. Overall, no fewer than 260 sports cars to choose from, which - divided into 16 series and ten tuning categories - on your very valued by us vote wait.
Source: Sport Auto

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