2009 Nagoya Auto Trend: Nissan GT-R Wagon Makes Debut  

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Japan's history of building some hot goods. Both the gas turbine R33 - R driver built options and trial or the official "unofficial gas turbine - R of a car" Autech Stagea RS260 famous gas turbine - R of the power and the subsequent R34 gas turbine - R racing among the front fascia Masa change to adapt to the future.

Of course, time changes, we continue to move forward. The RB26DETT is a production, therefore has become a bit less Autech Stagea inventory of light yellow M35 Stagea cars, so that you can do to solve it?

Shown here the answer is staring at your face all the time, this front-end R35 interchangeable M35 Stagea Nagoya are automatically displayed in the trend this weekend. It seems to continue to exchange the two sides and the rear quarter also maintained a small outbreak of the subject. Overall appears to be a really solid job.

These power supplies are usually VQ35DE unknown V6 3.5-liter engine either RWD or all-wheel-drive system configuration, make this a very easy to hide one caress quantified suite Twin Turbo.
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