Opel released Ampera Geneva show  

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Opel Ampera features GM's Voltec plug-in hybrid system with a 60 km range running solely on the batteries

Ampera Opel will be the European version of the Chevrolet volts. GM and Opel but survived long enough to perform the conversion and any one of a model to the market.

There is a joke Ampera image because this will be the first time on March 3 (two Press Days) at the Geneva Motor Show. (Exhibition open to the public March 5.)

The Ampera are five, four-seat hatch from GM's plug-in hybrid Voltec power system is said to have run 60 kilometers within the scope of the only lithium-ion battery. Internal combustion engine as a generator to recharge the battery GM / Opel claims that will enable the car to extend an impressive range of 500 kilometers. The battery can be re-Ampera charge any 230-volt power outlet.

Designed Ampera the production version will most likely close to what we see images, has been released, the current spy voted a few weeks ago. It is worth noting that the obvious design cues from the concept of Flexstream, as well as the Opel badge one of the end of last year the European Automotive Award shows Ampera goals are worthy of the name characteristic Opel style makes it far less likely to be regarded as just a re-registration Chevrolet volts.

The Ampera scheduled for listing in Europe, in 2011.
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