Porsche 911 4S Coupe & Cabriolet Pon Edition  

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Porsche will show a very limited edition newly facelifted Porsche 911 (997) 4S of AutoRAI 2009 in the Netherlands 60 years to celebrate the first birthday of imports in the world, Porsche, Porsche Import Pang. The limited edition will become convertible 4S and 4S coupe and just 15 of the 911 4S Pang version probably will never be able to set up.

Pang signed a contract in 1949, Porsche and Porsche became the first in the world imports. 60 years later set up the limited edition Porsche emphasis of this special occasion.
The limited edition Porsche PON is based on the facelifted 997 4S and 4S of the Coupe and the convertible is only available in exclusive color Diamondblack metal and black leather interior. The number of all vehicles and 60-year-old passive optical network can be signs at the Porsche door and instrument panel. Both the Coupe and Cabriolet with manual gearbox or Porsche transmission of the New Democratic Party.

Special features, including the name of Porsche's hood, homeage This is the pre-1973 Porsche, all Porsche name in the hood, rather than the model name or number. Limited edition of PON Porsche is the first of the facelifted 997 911 are equipped with a sports exhaust.

Pang limited edition Porsche only apply to the Netherlands and € 172,911 with a pricetag of the 911 Carrera 4S and the 911 Carrera Coupe Cabriolet 4S's' version of the cost Pang 188.2 € 61. Both prices include the Dutch Tax (40% of the BPM, € 1600 environmental taxes and 19% of the value-added tax).
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