Porsche Speedster  

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With a small, extremely lightweight mid-engine Porsche roadster could be in four years to the exciting tradition of the 356 Speedster build. More on the secret project, and his famous forebears

Crises are not so stupid, because they bring new ideas. Not for nothing is in Chinese the word crisis from the characters of the words danger and opportunity. And if we now bow to Stuttgart beat: As it used to properly close economic times, there was at Porsche the best ideas.

So now as in times of financial-economic crisis and carbon dioxide. So it's wonderful but that the VW group, in which Porsche boss Wendelin Wiedeking so now is the majority owner of the hat aufhat, the World under the name "Blue Sport" just created a new mid-engine design concept has presented the finest. One only 3,99 meters long, 175 meters wide and just 1.26 meters high car, on the Quermotorenbaukasten based brand and its technical genes brush her a curve is likely to occur. Axle load distribution of 45 to 55 (front / rear), ideal for pounding beautiful hooks.

When one o'clock-one o'clock, we are together, it would be the ultimate opportunity for Porsche, the purist roots of a 356 Speedster return. At a two-seater, which than 356 A 1600 S weighed only 760 kg and with 75 hp footling the peak of 180 km / h abolished. Just above this is in Zuffenhausen talk - about a smart, open entry-level Porsche for the price of below 40000 euros for younger fans of the brand, then yes later - parallel to the Career Manager - to Boxster, 911, Cayenne or Panamera could ascend. Incidentally, Porsche would be the typical sports car CO2 dilemma relax.

The VW group platform would be readily available, as are the matching engines. For example, the two-liter TFSI in the Audi TT Rodaster 272 Turbo PS 250 provides pace and according to plant needs only 8.0 liters, which is lighter and smaller, not even 1200 kg mid-engine roadster loose to offer would be -- although the TT-roof with 27 kilos already the lightest in its class, and the hoods are made of aluminum. Porsche could do even more slimming - for example, with a roof structure made of magnesium, as we know them from the current Boxster know. Or even to the motorization of only 1.4 liter turbo four-cylinder compressor use in the VW Scirocco with 160 hp powert and based on the VW engine test even with 200 hp is gone. Course would also be a fast switching, fuel efficient dual-clutch gearbox available.

2013 could be the earliest start this Speedster

Sure we will, if the Porsche Executive Board should give the green light, even for a little while to wait for it - no earlier than 2013 could be the reincarnation of the 356 roll on the road, because previously, the VW and Audi colleagues turn. Until then, could still force Porsche to the chassis screw rotate, since this car should be at least one sporting grouper respond when his group colleagues. Maybe then there would be here next to the clever PASM-vehicle system based on the push of a button switches the damper ID, even Porsches scathing ceramic brake.
Source: AutoZeitung

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