Rinspeed iChange Concept Cost EUR 1 Million to Make - Not for Sale  

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Rinspeed concept of the company iChange are announced at the Geneva Motor Show. The Automotive Research iChange are the way tomorrow's cars, with their passengers. Rinspeed company spent some serious hard currency transfer € 100 ten thousand construction. Therefore, very few risks, it is sold to the general public. It may be possible as a next Transformers movie props?

Otherwise, the biggest desire of Rinspeed founder and CEO Frank M Rinderknecht is a display technology, you can apply to the use of genuine automotive future. The iChange its main attractions, has the capacity to change from the 1-2 seats, and eventually become a 3 through a number of electronic fraud.

"If we want to safeguard our personal mobility in the future, we need to rethink our concept car - first of all, we need to adapt to the ecological aspects," Rinderknecht time, iChange announced. Clean technology is also applicable to 130kW (177hp) motor vehicle, making it a complete model of the ecological environmental protection of the future truck drivers.

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