Video: smart fortwo BRABUS Electric Drive Unveiled in Geneva  

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Craftiest adjust even on the company in the world seem unable to escape the obligation to thrust on their environment. The BRABUS is one such tuner who ackowledged this model. Previously we have already seen their BRABUS gear stick of the Tesla Roadster, and now electric cars at the Geneva auto show this respect for fine-tuning the company exhibits another small step towards eco-environmental protection with a dash of urban driving pleasure.

Has been the implementation of the feasibility test in London, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Milan and Pisa, smart's fortwo electric production for the end of this year with the lithium ion battery provided by Tesla Motors. Therefore, it is not surprising that well-known tuner BRABUS Mercedes-Benz has been pitcher style Packaging Group.

Smart car has a quiet design, so it's BRABUS saw fit to redesign the effect of a good car should not only help to remind pedestrians of their imminent arrival, they also requested the tenants.

Sports suspension installation, so are the BRABUS mono第七六split spokes alloy wheels, leather and fabric green fabric and white colors. Designed open-air convertible soft-top smart themselves the feelings of these extra outdoor clean-up drive.

Specific date, but must have put on planning BRABUS this little greenie enter the production line some time in the future.
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