Will the new Focus be Ford's last RS?  

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Ford Focus RS is an epoch-making performance cars, but it also will be the last sign of the remote sensing Express Ford ever

This is the end of an era. We can reveal the new Ford Focus RS model is likely to be the last to wear the company's legendary performance badge.

The current financial crisis and future emissions regulations mean that developing countries such as high-performance gasoline cars in the future is no longer a viable company.

The news will be a shock, the United Kingdom Express Ford fans, because it marks the beginning of a long-term blue oval-shaped line of high-performance vehicles to escort RS1600 in 1970.

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Ford insiders told reporters: "The new Focus RS is a very special, not only because of its incredible performance, but because it is likely to be the last time this type of car you'll see from Ford."

He explained that the economic recession has meant that "absolutely no business case" of any new model of remote sensing at the moment, the situation is likely not going to change.

This is because, once recovery started in all the company's focus will be economic and environmentally-friendly vehicles, such as hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles.

The insider said: "People should be enjoyed by automobile, such as Fox, RS, and they can be. This is unlikely you will see the drivers once again focus on high-performance hatchback."
Source: iMotor Mag

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