eBay Find of the Day: Crazy Horse - 1967 Ford Mustang with butterfly doors and folding hardtop  

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According to this eBay seller, this is the only 1967 Ford Mustang ever fitted with a retractable hardtop. As we've never seen one before (or one wearing butterfly doors, for that matter), we'll give the auctioneer the benefit of the doubt.

The seller says that the droptop conversion is something of an homage to a concept Mustang model that Ford originally considered building back in 1967. According to the listing, the Blue Oval invested some $250,000 in exploring the concept, only for it to get nixed by Henry Ford II because it couldn't be motorized.

A quarter century later, retired Ford designer Ben J. Smith apparently devised the system seen here. Be sure to check out the huge gallery of images and the link below... only a few hours left to get your bid in!

Of the staffers we surveyed here at Autoblog, we're not crazy about the paint or the doors, but the retractable fiberglass top unit from Mustang Plus is something we can't help but find interesting, particularly if this conversion was done to a donor car that wasn't originally terribly collectible (non numbers-matching, etc.).

Admittedly the lines of the top don't blend with the rest of the design as nicely as a stock hardtop's roofline does, but that's to be expected with conversions like this. Besides, both the engine bay and the underbody are incredibly sanitary – certainly cleaner than they were the day this 'Stang rolled off the assembly line.

In any case, this restomod 'Stang has been comprehensively reworked, including a new Ford Racing 302 crate motor, along with a new Tremec T5 gearbox, a fully reworked suspension and a set of four-wheel discs hiding out under the American Racing Torque Thrust II wheels.

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