Frankfurt Debut;Bugatti Royale  

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Veyron gets a couple of doors and seats, in addition: Bugatti Royale will be the first sedan with serial maximálkou over 400 km / h!

Bugatti planning second model - but not to smaller and cheaper car, which is speculated recently. New car chief Franz-Josef Paefgen the time prohásil that the second model will be as expensive brands and exclusive as the Bugatti Veyron. Even indicated that the number of manufactured units will be counted in hundreds, not thousands.

This is clearly removed from the game a small sports coupe with a price tag of around five million crowns, which consider the former director Thomas Bscher Bugatti. (Incidentally, it was the adherence to the policy of the two models, as was Bscher place. VW Group Director Martin Winterkorn, however, changed the view or Paefgen offer better arguments.)

Some foreign sources in this context refer superluxusní sedan, whose appearance likely see in our pictures. If management Bugatti concludes that the car will čtyřdveřový company profits, it can be green. Under the hood is in this case appeared W16 engine with four turbochargers, a sophisticated four-wheel drive and a seven-gearbox with two joints - the hardware model of the Veyron.

The new sedan is supposed to designate the Bugatti Royale, as well as the famous car Bugatti Type 41 of the thirties. Royale was on his time as well as extreme Veyron seven decades later. The front and rear wheels were distant from one another 4.3 meters (!) And its volume serial osmiválec had 12 763 cm3. Not surprisingly, the Bugatti Royale weighed 3.2 tons. One of the six produced pieces owned Ettore Bugatti himself.

In four čtyřstovkou
Because of four luxury seats and a longer body, the new Royale was heavier than Veyron - and the weighing 1.9 tons is no crumb! The speed is therefore stokilometrovou Royale gets a little later (Veyron just 2,5 s), but the aerodynamic advantage of a long body should be enough designers to dotlačili sedan for magic 400 km / h.

While it is not clear how the Bugatti solve the problem of cooling the engine, gearbox and differentials: the drive unit has had to move forward. It is not just that the real reason why Bentley related company recently built a functional prototype Arnage engine from the Veyron? This makes sense - while the public deals skilfully removed a report on the "über-Bentley, Bugatti engineers may peace be tested on how to combine exercise Veyron in place for four.

At this time no estimate as to whether the Group approves the production of a new model. He says to you (the mouth of Martin Winterkorna) and Ferdinand Piech, many considered to be a real head of the group of Volkswagen. Veyron originally dreamed him. Scarcely had it taken into account, however, enjoy it, as the Bugatti Veyron sold each losing thousands of euros. Stan Bugatti Royale is the right medicine for the economic balance of the car manufacturer?

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