Great Wall Hits it again with a CLS-kind of a Thing  

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This CHC011 might look a little, only just, like that German car but still I like to see Great Wall experimenting around. This is definitely better than a Cool Bear, that car by a way doesn't seem to Hit It, I've seen only one on Beijing's streets until today.

CHC011 shares its 3.0 V6 engine with that Hover H7 but as I get it no four wheel drive. Maybe the power will all go to the rear? A muscle car from China will be good, 400 hp please in this CHC011, and another name. No word yet on anything more, we'll see in Shanghai.

100409, Beijing. It was only yesterday oh yesterday that Great Wall leaked some images of a funny looking suv. Funny, but original. Today the wall leaks again and here we have a sedan-coupe cross over prototype called the CHC011. Say that again ma? CHC011, it doesn't really roll off my tongue easy but that might have to do with last night's beer, hik!
via The Tycho

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