UgurSahinDesign Mallett Z03: A Sexy, 999 HP Twin-Turbo Corvette Cruise Missile  

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With its UgurSahinDesign-penned exotic sheet-metal and Mallett-engineered 999 HP twin-turbo V8 Corvette Z03 is looking more fleshed out than when we last saw it just over one year ago.

In fact, it's more likely to be mistaken for a wild new Lamborghini or Lotus than half-of-a-Z06. So if you've felt your standard Vette was a bit pedestrian and you didn't make it on to the ZR1 waitlist, USD has teamed up with Mallett Cars to create this limited edition conversion. From the images we've seen it's clear the design benchmark for this vehicle is more of the Italian, mid-engined variety than anything available on this side of the Atlantic. The cost of looking good will set you back $69,000 on top of the cost of your donor Corvette.
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