2009 LeMons Reno: Goin' for Broken, Day One  

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We can see a thunderstorm brewing a few miles away and we've taken shelter (and alcohol) in one of the team's RVs before heading back to the hotel for a desperately needed shower and a full night's rest. But before we enjoy some barbeque and promptly pass out, we ran through the pits to snap some shots of the assorted vehicles that make up this year's race at Reno-Fernley. Check 'em out in the gallery below and if you haven't done so yet, subscribe (or just read) our Twitter feed live from the paddock. Look for more LeMons madness tomorrow.

We've finally wrapped up our "inspection" and "judging" of the LeMons Reno "racers," and as suspected, there's a motley assortment of cars, contenders and bribes. The adjudication duties have been two parts entertaining and one part grueling, covered with a nice helping of faux outrage, bad attitudes and judicial entitlement.
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