ABT has released a tuning kit for the facelift Audi A3.  

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New ABT AS3 based on Audi A3 Facelift

The tuner calls it AS3 and it's more than just a cosmetic surgery. Getting into the exterior detail first we see that ABT has modified a few components such as the front grille, the bonnet, the fenders and the front bumpers. Even the front LED lights have changed shape form the standard bulbs.

New ABT AS3 based on Audi A3 Facelift

For power ABT extracted even more juice out of the standard units in order to match looks with performance. So the baseline 1.4 TSI which normally comes in at 92kW (125hp) has been increased to 118kW (160hp). Audi produces a standard 118kW (160hp) 1.4 TSI as well but that has been bumped up to 154kW (210hp). The 2.0-litre petrol gets the most boost from what is comparatively a pedestrian 147kW (200hp) to 177kW (240hp).

New ABT AS3 based on Audi A3 Facelift

Press Release

The new ABT AS3 - handsomely refreshed

The Audi A3 has been a real success, one which re-defined the term "premium" for the compact car class. An extra portion of dynamism in the optics and the performance is offered by ABT Sportsline. The renowned vehicle turner of course also took on the facelifted version of the long-term best-seller from the Ingolstadt company - and thanks to the modified bonnet, grill, bumpers, fenders and LED light line from their product range the car has an even greater presence. It stands there as if it`s ready to attack, even more so with the ABT bodywork kit signalising extra power and sportiness: its front spoiler insert, side skirts, fender inserts as well as a rear apron have been tailor made for the cool body of the ABT AS3. Even the typical ABT 4-pipe exhaust unit blends into the sporty design perfectly. The Allgaeu company recommends mounting model AR or BR ABT Sports alloys, which are available in 18 and 19 inch, as an extravagant supplement to the optical package.

It goes without saying that the AS3 does not just look fast, but is fast too. This is because ABT POWER also brings the engines up to speed: with it the 1.4 TSI, for example, brings a brisk 160HP (118kW) to the road instead of the series-standard 125HP (92kW). With the next largest unit, the 1.8 TSI 160HP (118kW) achieves an everyday 210HP (154kW). And the largest petrol engine, the 2.0 TSI, provides 240HP (177kW) with ABT as opposed to 200HP (147kW) in the basic version. In spite of the HP boost the fuel consumption does not increase and the reliability of the engines remains the same. ABT also offers performance increases for the two-litre turbo diesel: depending on the starting power output either 170HP (125kW) or 190HP (140kW) is achieved - and both bring plenty of torque with them.

In order to utilise the well-trained "ABT horses" in the best possible way on the road, ABT Performance Springs are recommended. Thanks to the lowering of the car`s centre of gravity by around 35 millimetres the agility of the AS3 is improved, which makes itself felt especially at corners. The ABT braking unit with its disc diameter of 345 millimetres provides the best deceleration values, even in borderline areas. All components have been tuned to the AS3, making the compact ABT a real sports car, both on the inside and outside.

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