Jaguar XK _ Arden A Type AJ 18 Limited Edition  

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Arden has launched a limited edition of their A-Type model which is based on the Jaguar XK from 1999-2005. The tuner says it will build five more Arden A-Type Jaguar XK units which will limit the series to 18. The Arden A-Type Jaguar XK has been developed in the wind tunnel to improve its air resistance. The Arden A-Type Jaguar XK aerodynamic parts are made from a special composite material and include new front and rear fenders that widen the car up to 5cm. The Arden A-Type Jaguar XK also comes with a 3-air gill vent in the front fenders and a re-positioned tank nozzle aluminum shutter.

The optical package of the A-Type´s is rounded off by further components. The Arden high-performance braking system for example trumps with 370mm discs and 6-piston fixed caliper. A suspension developed in cooperation with Bilstein not only lowers the vehicle by 30mm, but also enables an extremely sporty driving comfort without major losses.

The Arden A-Type Jaguar XK kit also includes new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, mirrors and handmade stainless steel mesh.

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    Craftsmanship, quality and style are synonymous with Jaguar's heritage. Plus the modern technology that has recently stamped Jaguar's return to the cutting edge of the automotive industry has been wonderful.

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