Michael Schumacher latest to be revealed as 'The Stig'  

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Michael Schumacher Ferrari Enzo

Michael Schumacher was unmasked as the BBC car programme Top Gear's mysterious 'The Stig' on tonight’s episode of the long-running show. The enigmatic

The identity of the white-clad driver is kept a closely gauarded secret, but Schumacher, who was Formula One world drivers' champion seven times, finally revealed himself in the first of a new series of the show on Sunday night.

Asked by host Jeremy Clarkson to take off his helmet, The Stig reluctantly obliged, revealing F1's now 40-year-old seven time world champion Schumacher. Clarkson
jokingly asked the famous German what his name was before he became famous as The Stig, but Schumacher answered: "You have to have some secrets".

Former Formula One driver Perry McCarthy was Top Gear's original Stig, who dressed all in black during the first two series.


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