Mysterious Bentley Continental GT Spied in Spain: Could it be a Hybrid Prototype?  

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To be completely honest, we were quite hesitant to post these photos of a mysterious Bentley Continental GT coupe that was snapped by one of our spy photographers in western Spain, close to the borders with Portugal. Our man claimed that the Continental GT was equipped with some sort of electric motor / battery pack, visible from the rear window. While it looks like there's something present in the trunk, unfortunately, the photos aren't clear enough for us make a positive ID.

So why did we decide to post these photographs then? Well, thing is that we have been hearing rumors about a gasoline -or diesel- electric hybrid model from Bentley for quite some time now. So even though the positioning of the electric motor/ battery pack (whatever that is in the photos) might seem weird, it could be a prototype model used to test the system.
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