2009 Kia Soul Police Car  

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Some of the British Policeman now have a soul, a Kia Soul Police car that is. Local Kia dealer Toll House has provided the Horsham South Police and their Neighbourhood team a Kia Soul for patrolling the streets.

The Kia Soul Police car has darkened windows, 18-inch alloy wheels and an LCD display rear-view mirror for reverse parking assistance.

PCSO Charlotte Whittaker says the Kia Soul Police car is making them more visible to the public which helps them with their regular street briefings.

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Press Release:

Local Kia dealer Toll House has given the communities of Horsham South and their Neighbourhood Policing Team their very own Soul – patrolling the streets with its stocky looks, darkened windows and head-turning body will be a gleaming new Kia Soul.

Donated to Sussex Police by Toll House Kia, the team of Police Community Support Officer's (PCSOs), based in Steyning will be using the Soul as part of their routine street briefings and the general safe-keeping of Horsham South’s communities.

"The car is as highly visible as we are!" says PCSO Charlotte Whittaker. "We were delighted to have been given a car by Toll House, but to have one that turns heads as swiftly as this one does only helps us become more visible to the public."

The Neighbourhood Policing Team will continue to patrol the villages from Upper Beeding to Henfield, parking the car in visible spots while they hold their regular street briefings.

Inspector Paul Williams commented: "Our PCSOs do a fantastic job of keeping a consistent police presence within our local communities and the Soul heightens that awareness. We’re extremely grateful for the support that Toll House Kia has shown us. Working in partnership with our community ensures that Horsham South remains a safe place in which to live and work. The car will soon become a familiar sight in and around the area, being used by local officers in their day to day business."

Toll House Kia has provided the PCSOs with the police-branded Kia Soul Shaker for a year and will replace the car after six months. Cruising the streets with its funky and imposing looks, the stylish, vanilla-cream police Shaker has seats adorned with Houndstooth print and features 18-inch alloy wheels, privacy glass and an LCD display rear-view mirror for reverse parking assistance.

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