2010 Toyota Prius ditches Incredible Shrinking Gas Tank for conventional unit  

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Since its introduction back in 2001, Toyota has equipped the Prius with a synthetic fuel tank bladder that collapsed as gasoline was slowly pumped out of the tank and into the engine.

Due to complaints that the last-gen car wasn't able to take its full 11.9 gallon fuel allotment whenever the temperature was below 70-degrees, the third-generation Prius comes equipped with a more conventional rigid fuel tank made from lightweight resin. In order to retain its coveted low-emissions rating in California, the latest Prius also reportedly features an improved vapor-recovery system that will help reduce hydrocarbon emissions.

Ever notice that you your bladder seems to shrink when its cold outside? Apparently, the Toyota Prius feels your pain, and while we don't have any good solutions to report for your own personal problems, Toyota has found an easy fix for its hybrid. Unlike previous generations of Toyota's fuel saver, the new 2010 model won't have an underperforming bladder when it's cold outside.
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