Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder  

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The details on the new 458 Italia were covered in an earlier story, so there is no need to retread them here. Ferrari chose to name the 458 after its native land because, as they say in the press release, Italy is synonymous with "style, creative flair, passion and cutting-edge technology." True, perhaps, but that description applies more readily to Ferrari itself.

Yes, it doesn't take much to imagine the Pininfarina-designed 458 Italia as a topless model. It's a mid-rear engine Ferrari, after all, and the car's sloping rear roof-line does almost demand a Spyder derivative. But this image somehow makes the prospect all the more inevitable and, literally, renders it real.

And will Ferrari now be naming all its cars after places? As it has with the recent California model and now unveiling the 458 Italia. No objection here, just wondering what other places would make good Ferrari names.

Source: jonsibal via worldcarfans

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