Techco unleashes 600 horsepower Corvette supercharger system  

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We recently got the chance to get behind the wheel of Techco's demo Corvette for a short drive, and were simply amazed at the dual nature of the car. From the outside it appears to simply be a stock Corvette - it looks stock, sounds stock, and even drives stock if you lay off the throttle. A unique drive system helps to keep things quiet, muting the sound of the supercharger. Get on the gas, though, and the blown LS3 propels the Corvette past legal speeds in the blink of an eye. With a package price of just $8,500 and an optional 10 psi kit, it's a pretty good bargain as well.

Designed and engineered by the same team that created the Series VI supercharger for the Saleen Mustangs, the Techco Corvette supercharger displaces 3.0 liters and features a standalone 8-rib drive system, patented dual A-Frame Intercooler system, high-volume fuel rails with 54 lb/hr injectors, and more. Corvette owners will also be pleased to hear it fits underneath the stock hood.

If you haven't heard much about Techco, you soon will. The Anaheim-based aftermarket company launched a bevy of performance products for the Chrysler LX platform and Ford Mustang earlier this year, and recently stuffed its reverse-revolution twin-screw supercharger system underneath the hood of a brand new C6 Corvette. The result? 600 horsepower and 535 lb-ft torque at just six pounds of boost.

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Anaheim, CA, June 15, 2009 – Techco, "The Technology Company," has released a new Reverse-Revolution Twin-Screw Supercharger kit for all 2005-Current (C6) Corvettes equipped with the LS2, LS3 or LS7 V8s.

The unique Techco supercharger features reverse rotor lobes to allow front inlet induction for a shorter, more direct passage of air into the supercharger, resulting in cooler air and higher volumetric efficiency. This revolutionary supercharger, designed, engineered and manufactured in-house by Techco's talented team, made its debut in a supercharger kit for Dodge/Chrysler 5.7-liter and 6.1-liter V8s last year, followed by an application for Ford Mustang 4.6-liter 3-valve V8s in February 2009.

Like the Ford and Dodge/Chrysler designs, the Techco supercharger kit for the Corvette combines a large displacement blower with an ingenious dual-stage intercooler system featuring single-pass coolant flow. The Techco supercharger's 3.0-liter's of displacement is the largest among all Corvette twin-screws, pumping approximately 50 percent more air into each cylinder during every intake stroke. This highly efficient design produces the most horsepower and torque per psi of boost pressure (6 psi) of any supercharger on the market today, approximately 600 bhp/535 lb-ft versus the stock Corvette V8's 430 bhp/424 lb-ft.

And it fits neatly and cleanly under the stock Corvette hood. No other twin-screw or Roots supercharger can make that claim.

"The ground-up design is advanced in every way," says Techco Chief Engineer Bill Tally. "From the in-house manufacturing of our Reverse Revolution rotor screws; front intake system; long, high-flow runners; stand-alone 8-rib drive system; and our patented dual AFrame Intercooler system, no area of the supercharger was overlooked or taken for granted. This is a complete rethink and a clean sheet design that will take the industry by storm," Tally continued.

"Our TECHCO Twin-Screw Supercharger Kit for the Corvette is the culmination of everything we've learned in design and development since we first began supercharging V8 engines more than a decade ago," adds John Spruill, Vice President of Engineering. "With our large 3.0-liter displacement supercharger, the throttle response on-boost is amazing. It's a real blast to drive!"

What makes the Techco 3.0-liter Reverse-Revolution Twin-Screw Supercharger so revolutionary is the unique design (patent pending), which optimizes airflow efficiency throughout. Incoming air is fed into the front of the supercharger, not the back like conventional designs. This ensures that the incoming air has minimal turns, eliminating restrictions, before entering into the supercharger housing. Additionally, without the need for a complex inlet tube, the largest possible orifice size is maintained, maximizing airflow efficiencies. The air then flows into the lobes of the Reverse-Revolution asymmetric multi��lobe compressor screws, where it is compressed, not merely moved, as in other forms of supercharging. The compressed air then flows into the intercooler housing, which contains two intercoolers, mounted in an A-frame configuration to ensure the airflow is evenly distributed to each runner bank. The patent pending Twin Intercooler design results in higher cooling capacity and greater thermal efficiencies as the cooling water only has to pass through the intercoolers once, keeping the charge air cool. A further benefit of the front Inlet Design is the additional package space above the supercharger that is used for long high flow Intake Runners, which increases lowend torque. The resulting design of the Techco Reverse��Revolution Twin-Screw Supercharger allows air to move through the supercharger quickly and efficiently, without significant heat buildup, and at the highest resulting airflow volume and air density at low boost output. The performance result is maximized horsepower and torque output.

And for extreme power-hungry enthusiasts, Techco is also offering Optional Boost Upgrade Kits (starting at 10 psi), which offer increased power output from 650 bhp on up.

Price $8,500 (Optional Polished Upgrade: $10,000)

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